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I hope it will surge to $40 weeks later. Bullish
TITN looks like a good choice. However, It may pull back because of DE earnings. TITN already blew away earnings and raised guidence.
Define soon -> soon mid February
They have really moved up in the Alexa Rankings the last a couple of months
the UK's #SecondHandSeptember Campaign seems to have worked
Here come lawyers...investor lawsuits.
Read Yelp before you put money on this one, to many negative FB.
Kenny Rogers . Who laughing now,... now at 17.74  ouch!
that was a fun comment ever
What's up with PMTS?
These guys are on to something. Hopefully this will crater before positive news comes out. This will run sooner or later
Any idea what trigged the race?
what a race man lol
this isnt looking too good folks
wow who would expect that, luckily bought at 25 sold at 32
I dont advice this one. In a short time period they will again have reverse split snd make money by this way.. instead have a bunch of these: NAT EURN TNK STNG FRO DHT. And also this is a good time to buy before incoming good earning reports
why did TOPS go up to 10 mill 5 years ago? (more importantly, will it do it again?)
why did TOPS go up to 10 mill 5 years ago? (more importantly, will it do it again?)
I sold the worst stock in the world
haha when will you all be right?
I am always right! the numbers are wrong...
is this chart here split adjusted ? can anyone tell me ? thanx
yes it was a reverse split 25 to 1 about 1 year ago
becareful with this one, it been known as reverse split Master.

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